Whatif mobile
What is Whatif Mobile? 

It’s the mobile application of Whatif, conceived for reading and publishing entries from any place, with a similar interface but adapted to the small screen of a smartphone.

This application connects itself with any installation of the web version of Whatif, synchronizing the texts of the interface and the contents between both.

It allows you to enter messages and tag them from any place, automatically detecting your location or letting you choose it. It also offers you the possibiliy of attaching a photo at the very moment of posting your message, and lets you read the published entries filtering for location, tags, image gallery or message list.

For now it’s only available for mobile phones with Android operative system, although a iPhone version is planned.

How to install it?
Read the QR code on the left with your mobile phone, or click on it to go to the online version of Android Market 

You can also open the Android Market application from your phone and search for “Whatif” to install it directly. To distinguish it from other apps with similar name (but with completely different purpose), look for the blue icon. And remember to rate it and leave a comment when you have tested it!

What can you do with it? 

The Whatif Mobile application is open source. It has been designed and developed by Ecosistema Urbano and then released under GNU GPL license, which means that:

■ You can download, install and use it freely for developing your own projects.
■ You can study how it’s done and modify it to suit your needs.
■ You can copy and distribute it freely.
■ You can improve it and publish those improvements under the same terms of license to benefit the entire community.

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